What are the worst things employers have seen on job applications?


At one time or another, we’ve all made an error on a job application. Whether that be an unfortunate typo, putting down the wrong contact details or even attaching the completely wrong CV – it can happen to even the most organised of people.

Employers have been sharing on Reddit the worst things they’ve seen on job applications and some of them are so bad we bet they’ll make you forget all about that time you wrote you’re instead of your.  

#1 Supernatural statements
“I received a CV that stated the person couldn’t work during a full moon. I wasn’t sure what to think other than I should probably put garlic in my pocket if I chose to interview the applicant.”

“In the space on the application where it asks why the applicant left their last company I had an application where the person had explained he was terminated for putting a hex on his boss because the boss had sent evil spirits to his house.”

#2 Dodgy email addresses
“I’ve had people email me from addresses like baddest_bitch420 and sexymama_69.”

#3 Showing their lazy side
“One woman that applied answered the question “Why would you like to work here?” with ‘It looks like an easy job’.”

“A letter of recommendation for one applicant said “Billy is lazy and unmotivated. I wouldn’t place him in one of your top jobs, but if there is an unimportant internship you can get him it might be a good motivator.”


#4 Mad skills
“Their computer skills were ‘copy’ and ‘paste’.”

“I’ve seen someone list ‘hula hooping’ as a skill. The person also wrote, ‘I know it’s not conventional to list hula hooping as a skill, but it took a long time to master, and I thought it demonstrated my dedication’.”

“One guy listed “making awesome guac” as a skill and then never brought any guac to the interview.”

#5 CV disasters
“I interviewed a guy who had an 18-page CV. It just had every technology he had ever heard of. He didn’t know anything about any of them.”

“I had someone bring in a resume that was scrawled out on notebook paper ripped from a spiral-bound notebook and they didn’t even tear off the edge, so it was clean!”

“We received a resume. I strongly regret not saving it. Among many hilarious lines was “I use my wizard brain to solve many problems.”

“Once a person sent just his/her CV. It was actually not the CV, but a picture of the CV. And the picture was blurry. And the CV was partially folded.”

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#6 Strange education
“Saw a CV that, under the education tab, went from ‘Marine Officer Training School’ to simply ‘Clown School’.”

#7 Unfortunate typos
“Had a chef once apply with, ‘Good at helping my coworkers thieve while the restaurant is at its busiest.’ I think he meant thrive.”

“One cover letter we received said, ‘I am attention to details’.”

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#8 Bizarre references
“I had someone put down “Jesus” for a reference.”

“I had a reference from someone simply known as ‘cheese’.”

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Posted on August 4, 2020