8 signs you’re ready to move on from your job

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Now and then we all have days where we don’t like our jobs but there’s a big difference between feeling a bit blue on a Monday morning and actively hating your job. The former will most likely disappear over the course of the day, whereas the latter can be all-consuming.

Do you dread getting up for work in the morning? Are you constantly feeling run down? Is stress from work impacting your personal life? These are all signs you’re ready to move on from your job. If you relate to one or more of these signs, then it’s likely time that you consider moving on.

#1 You’re always getting ill

Poor mental health and stress can have a big impact on your physical health. Common physical manifestations of stress can include insomnia or broken sleep, acne or other skin conditions, changes in weight and feelings of anxiety or panic.

No job is worth making yourself sick so if you think stress from your job is hurting your health, it might be time to consider moving on or even taking a career break to recharge.

#2 You’ve lost all motivation

Do you find yourself zoning out at work or constantly checking the clock? Is your workload an uphill battle that you have no appetite for? Or perhaps you feel stuck in a rut and uninspired?

If any of these sounds like you, it might be time to shake things up in a new role. Your job should be challenging but it should be rewarding too. Don’t spend your life wishing away the hours, make a change instead.

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#3 You’re working too much overtime

Are you typically the first one in and the last one out the door? It’s great to show commitment to your job but consistently working long hours is likely to leave you feeling burnt out.

If you find yourself working overtime most nights or even clocking in on your days off instead of spending time with your loved ones, you should take a step back and evaluate if this is healthy.

A good work-life balance is essential for us to feel physically and mentally well. Perhaps it’s time you found a job that lets you work to live not live to work?

#4 You’re being underpaid

If you think you’re being underpaid your first port of call should be to research the market rate for jobs similar to what you do. If most roles are advertised at a higher rate than you’re earning, speak to your boss about getting a pay rise. If they refuse and it’s clear they won’t change their mind in the future, then it’s time to cut your losses.

#5 You’ve been overlooked for promotion

If your current job has stopped challenging you, this might be a sign that you’re ready to take a step up in your career. If promotion opportunities have come around at your company but you’ve been passed over or if there just isn’t any way for you to move up the ladder, then you should consider looking elsewhere.

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#6 It’s a bad environment to work in

Do you enjoy the environment you work in? Poor communication, a lack of clear processes and a culture of blame can all lead to a hostile and toxic work environment.

If you feel resentful towards your colleagues or are constantly on edge that you’ll be blamed for someone else’s failure, it’s likely to leave you lacking in motivation and generally burnt out. Unfortunately, there’s usually very little you can do personally that will change the work environment so it’s probably best to head for the door.

#7 You don’t feel valued

You can’t expect a constant stream of praise from your boss but it’s not unreasonable to want to be thanked for a job well done.

Employers that value their staff show this in more ways than just pay and bonuses. They invest in their skills and development and make sure that hard work is acknowledged. If you feel taken for granted, it might be time to take your hard work to somewhere that will appreciate it.

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#8 Your responsibilities have changed for the worse

It’s often the case that your duties and responsibilities can evolve the longer you are in a job. This can be a good thing as it might have allowed you to discover a hidden talent or an area of your sector you hadn’t considered before.

However, if you feel you’ve been pushed into taking on things that make you miserable or are not what you want to be doing with your career then it’s perfectly reasonable to want to move on to get back on track. Take some time to consider what kind of role you would really enjoy and then go after it.

Think you’re ready to leave? Here’s how to prepare.

If you decide you’re ready to leave, it’s important to take time to think about what would make you happy. Are the things that are making you unhappy just down to the company you work for, or do you feel you no longer want to work in that industry?

If you feel your woes are rooted in the company, then it’s time to dust off your CV and start applying for new jobs. If you need some help with building a new CV, you can use the Career Profile section of your jobs24.com account to help you out. You can also take the hassle out of searching for a new job by signing up for our email job alerts.

If you’ve lost the love for the industry you work in, you may want to think about transitioning into another area. Changing careers can seem like a daunting prospect, and it is a big step to take, but it can be very rewarding in the long run.

The thing to remember is not to let fear hold you back from leaving your job. There is a job out there that will make you happy, you just need to be brave enough to go for it. Life is too short to stay somewhere that is making you miserable.

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Posted on August 27, 2021