How to Revamp Your Career in 2020

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2020 is getting into full swing, which means most people will be stocking up on the tools they need to fulfil their New Year’s Resolutions.

That might mean signing up for a shiny new gym membership or a Veganuary shopping list – just don’t forget to plan out how to achieve the changes you want to make to your career.

Allow us to help you get off on the right foot with our top tips for revamping your career in 2020.  Let’s begin with building your brand.

It’s estimated two thirds of employers use professional networking sites to research job candidates, so it pays to promote yourself by creating or refreshing your profile on platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter.

You don’t have to create a PR masterpiece. The trick is to offer a clear and to-the-point description: a balanced blend of work experience, job-related talents, soft skills and personality.  Don’t forget to include a professional looking headshot (no beach party selfies or pouting please!).

Add credibility to your profile by asking current and former colleagues to offer online acknowledgements and recommendations.

If you’re looking to get into or progress in sectors such as legal, marketing, PR, property or engineering, all of which thrive on discussions and innovation, you might even add informative blogs and industry-related YouTube videos or host podcasts.

Once you’re happy with your brand, you should take some time to consider your skillset.

With soft skills increasingly important to recruiters it will also boost your chances of success to learn how to identify, improve and demonstrate personal qualities and non-technical abilities that help you communicate and get on with colleagues.

Take an hour or two to think about this and write down where your strengths lie. These might be in areas such as communication, adaptability, leadership, teamwork and creativity.

Practise these soft skills with friends through mock interviews and role playing – not only will you gain feedback and make improvements, but you’ll also be enjoying dress rehearsals for the real interview.

Don’t forget to include soft skills on your CV but make sure you include a couple of examples of how you put these to good use in real-world work situations.

Now your CV is up to scratch you can start work on your professional network.

Once upon a time the notion of networking meant swapping business cards on the golf course. Thankfully, today it’s much more inclusive and accessible.

If your career could benefit from growing your network, start by building stronger relationships with colleagues at work, especially with those from other departments. Not only does this expand your links but can help widen your appreciation and knowledge of the bigger business picture.

Connecting to others on social sites such as LinkedIn is another great way to build a bigger base, but if you really want to get your name into other people’s contact books and gain industry insights, attend industry forums, trade shows and conferences or join professional organisations in to your specialist field.

If you’re keen to launch a new career in a new direction but still not sure if it will live up to your great expectations, test the waters before quitting your current job.

Why not take on a flexible, part-time position that will allow you to dip a toe?

In some sectors, such as retail, admin and social work, working with charities also provides the chance to gain experience while helping others. From assisting in shops to writing documents for a legal aid body, there are opportunities for people with all sorts of talents.

Of course, the very best way to rejuvenate your career is through securing a brand-new role – search for yours right now on!

Posted on January 9, 2020