How to keep your kids entertained and learning in lockdown

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This will no doubt be a confusing time for your kids whether they’re little ones or teenagers, as the lockdown measures now in place cut them off from their friends and extended family.

It also means that you’re faced with the challenge of keeping them entertained and learning round the clock. To save your time and sanity, here are some top tips and resources you can use to keep your household meltdown free.


Stick to a routine

There’s no need to try and transform your home into a full-blown school. You probably have work of your own to be getting on with but having an informal routine in place will keep kids from becoming too anxious about the situation outside.

For younger kids, you could try setting them up with some educational tasks in the morning then devoting the afternoon to arts, crafts, games, and other creative activities. You might run out of space to display all this priceless ‘art’ but at least you’ll be able to pretend to listen in on conference calls in peace.

For teenagers, it might be tempting to allow them to lock themselves away with their phones for a quiet life, but it will be more beneficial in the long run if they have a varied day. Try encouraging them to work on school projects or pick up a new hobby for some of the day as well as entertaining themselves with video games and streaming.


Get fresh air if you can

Current government rules allow us to get outside for fresh air and exercise once a day and it’s important to let kids do this if possible. It will also get you up and moving – it will be tough but let’s all try to come out of lockdown not having gained 3 stone!

If you have a private garden this will be a whole lot easier as kids can come and go as they please without encountering others.

If you don’t have a garden, get creative with any outdoor space you do have. Set up a rota with others in the building to allow equal access to shared gardens. Have a balcony? Use it as an outdoor gym by breaking out those old skipping ropes or doing jumping jacks.

For those with no outside space attached to their home, you will have to take extra care. Where possible you can walk or cycle with your kids around your neighbourhood but make sure you are sticking to social distancing regulations and avoiding others when outdoors. Think of it as a great excuse to avoid making polite chit chat with so and so next door – you’re not being rude; you’re saving the world!

Just remember to wash those hands when you get home.


Use all the resources you can get your hands on

Many organisations are stepping up to help parents out and there are so many free resources being made available. We’ve picked out a few of our favourites to get you started.


  • BBC Bitesize is adding new content daily that covers Primary, Secondary and 16+ ages groups.
  • Oxfam Education has an online library that focuses on societal issues.
  • Twinkl has a Parents Hub that covers early years up until 11 years old.
  • Young Enterprise have created new home learning resources that encourage kids to develop their entrepreneurial skills.

Fun Stuff

  • Tree of Knowledge has created a 30-day Timetable of Fun full of challenges and activities to do at home.
  • Apps for Good have created some free, online technology courses and tasks.
  • Joe Wicks is teaching daily P.E. lessons on his YouTube channel.


Arrange online meetups

Although kids can’t physically play together, for the time being, it’s still important that they interact with their friends and family.

Thanks to the wonders of technology this can be done fairly easily online. You can use apps like House Party, Skype or Hangouts to allow your kids some face time with their friends. You can try coordinating with other parents on your fun activities so that the kids can complete them together over the net.

If your parents or relatives are missing the little ones why not try setting them up to give bedtime stories via Skype or Facetime? However, this will only work if your relatives are either tech-savvy or you have the patience to teach them how.

If you can get it set up, why not take the opportunity to have some time to yourself? Simply set up the call then take yourself away to indulge in some trashy TV, that book you keep meaning to read or a very large and well-deserved glass of wine!

Remember to look after your own physical and mental health during the lockdown and don’t feel guilty for doing things that you enjoy without the kids – it’s the only way any of us are going to stay sane!

Posted on April 8, 2020