Senior Patient Services Administrator


Senior Patient Services Administrator


NHS, Yaxley, Cambridgeshire

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Full Job Description

Principle Responsibilities Supervisory Responsible for the overseeing of the work carried out in the Administration Team on a day to day basis. Reporting and working closely with the Patient Services Manager. To support the Patient Services Manager when recruiting. To ensure all the team are suitably trained and skilled in their roles. To plan and manage holidays and other absences. Complete return to work reviews after periods of sickness absence. To support, lead and act as a role model for other team members. Organise and carry out interim and performance reviews and staff appraisals for all Administration Team staff, produce a written record to report to Patient Services Manager. To develop a positive working relationship with Patient Services Reception Lead. To ensure the Secretariat offices and the team meet the standards necessary for CQC. To have a thorough knowledge of all practice procedures. To work in accordance with written protocols. To ensure that tasks and workloads are
completed within timely manner. Service Improvement Improve all aspects of patient communication: face to face, over the phone, email etc. Improve team working within the Clinical Administration and Reception teams. Analyse, change, improve where necessary and document operational processes and procedures. Identify training gaps within the teams and put in place an action plan. Complete weekly Key Performance Indicators and report to Patient Services Manager as required. Update protocols and procedures. Secretarial and Administrative Assist the Patient Services Manager as required. Arrange for the typing of letters, referrals and reports as required by all Practice Staff. Participate in forward planning of services, attend practice meetings and act as secretary to those meetings when required. File correspondence, reports, patient records etc. and maintain an efficient filing system as required. Oversee the typing and sending of referrals and other correspondence. Oversee the scanning of
incoming correspondence in line with protocols. Oversee the booking of outpatient appointments via the e-RS (Choose & Book) referral system. Oversee SARs requests. Monitor administration requests via Anima. Monitor the e-RS worklists (Advice and Guidance, rejected referrals). Maintain the list of Hospitals & Consultants on SystmOne for referrals. Maintain the list of proformas in SystmOne and update accordingly. Oversee the maintenance of an up to date Gold Standards Framework spreadsheet. Oversee the notification of patient deaths to the relevant hospitals, clinicians and Primary Care Support England and maintenance of an electronic deaths register. Oversee the process of granting patients access to Detailed Coded Records via SystmOnline. Oversee the recording of results from the Diabetic Retinopathy Screening Programme. Oversee the summarising of new patient records. Maintain a record of incoming records. Assist with data collections and submissions for QOF, QEF, Enhanced
services etc. Complete Audits as and when necessary. Equipment Oversee the ordering of office and medical equipment and stationery as required. Organise the repair, maintenance and calibration of medical equipment when required. Organise Student/Clinician equipment boxes. Any other duties commensurate with the role