Judicial Panel and Appeals Panel Members (with legal experience)

Swim England

Judicial Panel and Appeals Panel Members (with legal experience)

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Full Job Description

Swim England's independent Judicial Panel provides members to hear Judicial Complaints through the Office of Judicial Administration made to Swim England alleging misconduct, maladministration or a breach of Swim England's Regulations.

The Swim England Appeals Panel hears matters which have been appealed from the Judicial Panel level. Decisions by the Appeals Panel are final.

We are seeking Panel members who will be entirely impartial and without prejudice in determining issues strictly within the framework of the Swim England Judicial Regulations in force from time to time.

Presently, Swim England aims to hold mediations in person wherever possible, and hearings in person or over Zoom. Where a Panel member is required to travel to perform their duties, expenses may be paid subject to Swim England's Expenses Policy.

The Judicial and Appeals Panels consist of a mix of individuals with a range of experience across the aquatics sports and law. At present, we are seeking in particular to appoint new legally qualified individuals to the Panels in order to complement those panel members with a non-legal background. Appointment to either panel is subject to approval by Swim England's Judicial Management Group.

We are looking to engage panel members on a voluntary basis, with the following person specification:

- A current member of Swim England

- To be and to be seen to be entirely impartial and without prejudice in determining issues strictly within the framework of the Swim England Judicial Regulations in force from time to time.

- To have a reasonably comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the Regulations of one or more of the swimming disciplines within Swim England.

- A qualification as a solicitor or barrister in England and Wales.

Previous relevant experience in dispute resolution within any sport or in the context of employment is also desirable as is an understanding of the challenges faced by volunteers within sport.

If you feel you meet these criteria, can commit to the role and want to be part of a positive culture change within aquatics, we want to hear from you.

Swim England is striving to create a happier, healthier and more successful nation through swimming and aquatic activity. We strive to inspire everyone to enjoy the water in the way that suits them. As the recognised national governing body for swimming, artistic swimming, diving and water polo in England, we help people learn how to swim, enjoy the water safely, and compete in all our sports.

At our heart, Swim England is a membership organisation dedicated to supporting our clubs and members to develop and succeed. We maintain the laws of the sport and run world-class national events which are open to all competing members. We operate a comprehensive range of qualification and education programmes for teachers, coaches and officials. Our Learn to Swim framework is the most widely known part of swimming lessons for children and is the backbone of swimming lessons for primary school aged children.

This year, we have launched the Heart of Aquatics - Swim England's new safeguarding, welfare and culture plan. Our mission is to create a culture and environment that makes everyone feel safe, included and welcomed at all times. Within the plan we have set out our commitment to listen, support and resource the aquatics community, to create a better future for everyone involved in our sports.