Information Security Specialist


Information Security Specialist

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Planhat, Haggerston, Hackney

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Full Job Description

Our mission is clear - protect Planhat against cybersecurity threats in all shapes and forms.
What's at stake? The data and security of hundreds of employees, thousands of customers, and millions of their clients.


We are versatile, and work with whoever we need to (customers, colleagues, engineers, and regulatory bodies) to build resilience to security threats, and support commercial goals.

Our work touches everything from:
access control to penetration testing
data deletion to disaster recovery
nitty gritty RFI questions to security roadmap
threat detection to incident management
external compliance to internal training
security audits to remediation efforts

Skills & Requirements:

We are looking for someone with a strong security mindset to lead our team's commercially focused initiatives:

Business savvy: provide the global sales team with collateral to quickly answer clients' security FAQs, join a call with the CTO/CSO of an enterprise customer to discuss their security concerns, like how we handle penetration testing, or how we would respond to a ransomware attack.

Judgement: what devices should be centrally managed? When do we enforce 2FA? What vulnerabilities need an external audit? What incidents do we drill for and at what intervals? What security outcomes are needed 3, 6, and 12 months from now? You can integrate security requirements into the business operation, defining and delivering an impactful security roadmap as we scale.

Technically strong: expertise in safeguarding cloud-based software, and staying on top of the evolving landscape, leverage security tools like SIEM, IDS/IPS, endpoint protection, and threat intelligence platforms. You can do a quick technical deep dive on a 3rd party tool the team wants to use, and flag the unnecessary data collection/suspicious add-on tools to all the right stakeholders.

We don't obsess over years of experience, we look more for attitude and achievement. Before joining Planhat our existing team had experience from:
Success in owning and driving security at fast-growth software companies (with a focus on SOC2/ISO 27001)
Undergraduate/Postgraduate degrees in Computer security / Information Technolgy, and professional certifications such as Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)

Planhat is a place for ambitious people to take on responsibility and excel. Successful people on the security team can go deeper into key specialisms, lead teams or strategic projects, or even come up with new ways to add value. High achievers enjoy accelerated career paths, with no limits on growth, we encourage you to take the ball and run with it.

Planhat helps companies deal with their most important topic - to grow their NRR. Modern technology companies build their business on Planhat to make their customers more successful. A single platform for the entire company, from CS to Product to Operations, to collaborate on.
Our customers are active in in a wide range of verticals from SaaS to cybersecurity, life sciences, marketplace, consulting, decarbonization, dental equipment, and everyday trying to execute on their vision.