Associate Practitioner

South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Associate Practitioner

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South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, Barnsley

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Full Job Description

JOB SUMMARY The post holder will: Undertake delegated duties under the supervision of registered health care professionals. Consulting as necessary and working collaboratively within the health care team to delivery psychological and physical care to a defined group of service users. deliver evidence based planned care, which is safe and effective, in a manner which is caring , compassionate and enables service users to reach an optimum level of functioning, independence, rehabilitation and recovery. provide care within well established policies, procedures, protocols, guidelines, and established clinical care plans, whilst acting within the required sphere of clinical competences for the role at all times.

following initial assessment by a registered health care professional, exercise initiative and judgement in, care planning, goal setting, delivery, implementation and evaluation of care. working collaboratively and in partnership with others, develop knowledge to promote holistic care. demonstrate sound knowledge of the care and treatment programmes of individual service users to enable the post holder to contribute and inform the decision making of registered health care professionals. make appropriate care adjustments, within the agreed level of autonomy for the post, and be able to communicate any changes to service users, carers and the health care team.

This may include regular assessment, evaluation, reporting and escalating relevant information to appropriate health and social care professionals. undertake enhanced training and preparation to meet the specific clinical needs of the service and to equip the post holder for an enhanced leadership role. contribute to enabling service users to reach their potential, including the utilisation of public health approaches eg, providing advice and support or signposting to the appropriate service. undertake and maintain the required statutory, mandatory and core training as required by the specific area of service.

may be required to work in challenging environments which could include using managing aggression and violence techniques, lone working and conflict resolution. supervise and delegate work to health care support workers, participate in their induction, training, appraisal. work flexibly to meet the needs of the service. KEY RESULT AREAS: 1.1 Care provision: To deliver excellent levels of care/therapy/customer services to people.

Regularly assess, problem solve, evaluate and report to health care professionals, in a timely and proactive manner when these standards have not been met, enabling appropriate action to be taken. Implement planned actions in response, communicating changes to service users, carers and registered health care professionals as appropriate. Proactively and positively contribute to the achievement of clinical outcomes through individual and team effort. Manage the service user experience with the focus being on delivering excellent customer services.

Work independently, prioritising own work, exercising initiative and judgement. Refer and seek guidance/supervision on issues outside of post holders level of competence or authority to senior health care professionals. Participate in the assessment/admissions/discharge, formulation and implementation of individualised packages of care to help maximise service user functioning, recovery and rehabilitation potential. Provide agreed clinical treatment, therapeutic activities and rehabilitation programmes to allocated service users.

Support health care professionals to co-ordinate the patient pathway from referral to discharge; supporting on all aspects of goal planning; help organise & contribute to any team reviews or user/carer meetings. Responsible for service user documentation. Required to concentrate for periods of time, depending upon the care intervention/care plan eg, undertaking supportive observations, perform a range of agreed procedures (where appropriate to the role), which may include, eg, BP, TPR. ECG, phlebotomy, urinalysis, oral swabs, wound care, handling bodily fluids etc, and where protocols exist request additional tests.

To accurately record clinical measurements and physical observations taken and identify and respond appropriately to any identified risks. Promote comfort and well-being by ensuring service user needs are timely met eg, emotional, personal, environmental physical etc. Including, where appropriate, vital signs, continence care, pressure area care, wound care, nutrition, hydration, foot care, mood identification and suicide risk etc. Support individuals to manage their own health and social wellbeing and promote individual positive self-esteem and sense of identity.

Work with sensitivity and an understanding of the issues experienced by service users. Work in a flexible and collaborative manner with others, adapting to the needs of the service, despite many demands on attention. Act as a link or assistant link for a specific area of practice. Assist in the promotion of an open, welcoming, person-centred culture for service users, carers and colleagues, Seek and support feedback from service users and undertake patient satisfaction surveys to aid service improvement as required.

Maintain accurate and contemporaneous care documents. Report observations and other service user information in written and electronic format. Use appropriate documentation/systems in accordance with local and Trust standards demonstrating competent IT skills, accurate data inputting and use of the internet. Use effective verbal/written communication at all times, incorporating tact, empathy, consideration, courtesy and confidentiality.

Adapt style of communication to respond to service user communication difficulties and psychological, social, physical and spiritual needs. Build and sustain effective communications with others as required to ensure good team working and collaborative working practices. Disseminate knowledge, and information to those who need to know. Effectively manage and support individuals who exhibit challenging behaviour or present a significant imminent risk to themselves or others.

Recognise and respond to changes in their presentation, including reporting the issue to a registered health care professional as required. Respond appropriately to any emergency situation eg, including initiating use of PMAV. Undertake supportive observation/interventions minimising the negative effects of disruptive/abusive behaviour, or in the prevention and management of violence and aggression (PMVA). Utilise de-escalation and physical control techniques as necessary.

Taking reasonable steps to protect themselves from the risk of violence. If appropriate to the role, when directed by a health care professional, accompany/escort service users within/outside Trust grounds, including the supervision of Health Care Support Workers undertaking escort duties. Ensure action to reduce risks to health and safety and that all possible steps are taken in identifying, managing and reporting risks, to help safeguard the welfare, safety and security of people, eg, children, service users visitors and staff. Contribute to the reduction of hazards in the environment, considering safety, security, theft or damage.

Responsible for ensuring safe infection prevention and control by using protective equipment, safe disposal of healthcare waste, performing hand hygiene, cleaning, disinfecting etc. Understand the roles and contributions of other care providers in and outside of the team, enabling those who are significant to the service user to play an active role in their care. Proactively identify additional activities in accordance with the role, which would increase postholder efficiency and the efficiency of the team; offer suggestions for improvement and implement these activities in agreement with the team. Develop and support the Trusts culture of collaborative, flexible cross-team working and commitment to delivering quality services and outcomes, which maintain the Governments policies on public health.

Maintain and continuously improve skills and understanding of health and social care services, including systems, policy and current good practice. Particularly with regards to own area of work and service users and which significantly contributes to the services stated objectives & aims. Make use of opportunities for sharing good practice and learning. Proactively identify additional activities in accordance with your role, which would increase your efficiency and the efficiency of the service, offer suggestions for improvement and implement these activities in agreement with your team.

Undertake any additional duties deemed appropriate to the role. For full details of the role please see the supporting documents attached.