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North Devon Hospice

North Devon Hospice offers free end-of-life care to individuals and families faced with the impact of a life-threatening illness. As well as Specialist Palliative Care, we also provide Supportive Care and complementary therapies to patients, carers and families throughout North Devon. We believe in being there for the whole family.

Whilst many of our patients suffer from cancer, we also care for people with end-stage heart failure, Motor Neurone disease and other neurological diseases. All of our care is completely free of charge, and available upon GP and consultant referral to all adults regardless of background.

Our aim is to offer improved quality of life. Everyone has unique physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs, so whether in the Bedded Unit, in Day Hospice or even at home, our care is for the whole person, and not just their physical needs.

Each year we publish public documents to explain what we do, how we help and how we fund it. These appear in the form of our Annual Review, the Trustee Report and the Quality Account.

Specialist Palliative Care is offered to people who:

have advanced, progressive illness (the focus of care being palliative)
need advice on pain management or other distressing symptoms
as a result of their current illness have emotional and/or spiritual problems
need end of life care

Specialist Palliative Care includes:

Clinical Nurse Specialists providing advice and support to patients and families, and support and information to other health and social care professionals
24 hour care in a purpose-built 7 bedded unit to help with the management of complex symptoms or in providing end of life care

Supportive Care is offered to people who:

are over 18 and have a life-threatening illness
are adults or children deeply affected by that persons illness
are left bereaved as a result of that persons death

Supportive Care includes:

One-to-one support for adults and children
Complementary therapies
Bereavement support
Self-help groups
Day Hospice

Free transport is available upon request

In order to provide these essential services, we have to raise over £3 million every year. We are indebted to the people of North Devon who continuously support our work through kind donations of money, goods, services or time.  


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